24 Nov 2015

Google Makes Prototype Star Trek Communicator Device

           Google has developed a prototype wearable device based on the communicator in Star Trek . It uses a microphone to listen to a user's voice and can use Bluetooth to send those commands to another device.

In the Star Trek universe, the captain and the crew used their lapel pins to talk to the artificial intelligence and crew onboard the Starship Enterprise. Similarly Google's prototype circular device connects to a smartphone through Bluetooth.

The concept was intended to test out how users might interact with voice search in new ways. Worn on the chest, the Google pin is activated with a light tap. The prototype might output sound through an onboard speaker or by connecting to headphones .
The idea was to make it easier for people to query to Google without having to go through messy instructions.

The device hasn't left the testing phase but illustrates how far Google will go. The company is trying to redefine the way people access information through voice search, which is adopting natural language.

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Google Now provides a predictive service that tries to surface valuable information for users before they even think to search for it.
Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft are all aiming to develop the same. Duh!

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